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Olive Sparrow /rascador oliváceo (Arremonops rufivirgatus)

Voice: Two common calls are a loud sharp “chip,” and a high, thin, lisping “seeeuu.” Song is a loud accelerating “bouncing-ball” trill.

Olive Sparrow
Status: Common resident in dense woodlands throughout the Valley. Olive Sparrows inhabit dense tangles of vegetation in the forest understory. Although somewhat secretive, Olive Sparrows can often be coaxed into view with squeaking

Habitat: Dense woodlands and thornscrub.

Best Spots: With patience, fairly easily to find at wildlife refuge feeding stations at Bentsen SP, Santa Ana NWR, Sabal Palm Grove, and Laguna Atascosa NW, Very common in the woodlands of Resaca de la Palma State Park

Similar Species: The combination of olive upperparts, gray underparts, and brown crown stripes distinguishes Olive Sparrow from all other sparrows, except Green-tailed Towhee, a fairly rare winter resident. Green-tailed Towhee, which is primarily found in the Falcon Dam area thornscrub, is more boldly patterned, sporting a bright rufous crown and dark malar (lateral throat stripe).

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A Birder's Eye View of the Seasons in the Lower Rio Grande Valley  

Welcome to a birder’s eye view of the seasons in the Lower Rio Grande Valley. Enjoy our annual cycle! The resulting avifauna in deep South Texas is the most diverse north of the Mexican border. The four county area that makes up the lower Rio Grande Valley has recorded over 500 species of birds. This is more species of birds than have been recorded in all but two or three entire states. Small wonder that birders from across the continent make pilgrimages to the region. Happy Birding!

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